Throwing and/or pitching is a motor skill developed through the motor learning process. Motor learning has been defined as, “a complex process occurring in the brain in response to practice or experience of a certain skill resulting in changes in the central nervous system.” “It allows for the production of a new motor skill.”

Research has shown the best way to enhance motor learning is through various environments that provide a new stimulus and new challenges in order to optimize solutions.

From a throwing development standpoint, that simply means becoming a good thrower/pitcher doesn’t happen overnight. It requires challenging the athlete with new and challenging situations to develop the best movement pattern for them.

For our throwing/pitching development camp we will use a variety of methods to create a challenging learning environment: medicine balls, various size and weight balls, pvc pipes, core velocity belts, throwing from different movements, competitive throwing games, and more.

Our Director of Pitching, Spenser Davis will be running the throwing development camp. Spenser has worked with multiple pitchers from the Baltimore Orioles and Minnesota Twins minor league organizations as well as current minor league free agents, D1-D3 college pitchers and high school pitchers on overall throwing development, pitch command and pitch shape/pitch design.

The following video is an example of how we challenge movement and throwing patterns as well as how Spenser helps pitchers understand how their pitches are moving and what they can improve.

The goals of the camp are pretty simple:

  1. Improve movement ability as it relates to becoming a better thrower (pelvis rotation, arm path, initial load, overall rotational sequence)
  2. Improve throwing command and accuracy
  3. Improve throwing velocity via improved movement and improved rotational power output (med balls)
  4. Help athletes understand how to build a proper throwing program in season in order to manage workload and reduce injury risk
  5. Help pitchers begin to understand pitch shape and how to sequence and tunnel their pitches

We are aware athletes may be throwing a lot on the weekend with travel baseball and we plan to utilize a high degree of movement pattern work without balls, but with medicine balls, PVC pipes and water bags with those kids. That will still allow us to get full speed reps, but limit throwing volume. Likewise, we will program their throwing to help facilitate recovery and prepare for their next outing.

We do plan to utilize bullpen work with pitchers and position specific throwing with non-pitchers as part of the game specific rep work we will do. Again, the volume and intensity with which we do these will be based around their weekend travel baseball schedule and throwing volume.

Camp Info:

Age: Middle school and/or 11-13 years old

Dates: June 13th through August 5th.

Tuesday and Thursday mornings 9:00-10:00AM

Address: Next Level Athletic Development, 960 Acorn Drive, Harrisonburg, VA 22802

Cost: $240 for the whole summer. 16 sessions.

For more information or to register, contact Mike at 540-421-0360 or