We will be offering an 8 week summer hitting camp for ages 11-13. This will be a very small group camp with a limit of 4 kids per camp. The reason for the small groups is to improve quality of instruction in order to maximize development.

Hitting Camp Points of emphasis:

  1. Emphasis on movement quality and building a solid movement foundation: hinging, loading,transfer of weight, pelvis rotation, hip/torso separation, and proper rotational sequence
  2. Emphasis on improving overall rotational output utilizing various medicine ball throws and overload/underload bats
  3. Emphasis on bat control skill: being on plane with the pitch, barreling the ball, understanding how to adjust body angle to low pitches vs high pitches, and how to adjust to off-speed pitches
  4. Emphasis on pitch selection and how to have an approach at the plate

In order to accomplish these points of emphasis the hitting progression will be built out from week 1 through week 8. We’ll use various tools such as plyo hitting balls, overload/underload bats, medicine balls, PVC pipes, core velocity belts, and water balls/bags as well as specific drills to provide challenges to the movement patterns and skill we are seeking to improve.

This is a small sample of some of the ways we approach hitting development with young athletes.

Specific Details:

The camp will be run by Corey Willis. Corey is a former baseball player at Eastern Mennonite University. We recently hired Corey to assist with training our athletes as well as to become our Director of Hitting. He shares our philosophy regarding development being a very crucial factor at the middle school age with movement quality and individualization being the key piece to that.


Tuesday and Thursday June 13th through August 5th. Initial time slot is 9:00-10:00AM. Limit is 4 kids per camp. If we fill the 9:00AM Camp, we will add an additional block of time.

Cost for the 8 week camp:


To register please contact Mike Martin at 540-421-0360 or email at mike@nladsports.com