For youth, the nature of activity pre-puberty can shape their long term athletic ceiling. The best development for young kids is freedom of movement involving jumping, sprinting, tag games, crawling, throwing objects/medicine balls, change of direction and more in an environment that encourages a variety of movement solutions. After all, sports are rarely predictable in terms of knowing what the opponent is going to do; where exactly the volleyball is going to be spiked; where exactly the basketball is going to come off the rim etc…

Likewise, for overall long term health, research clearly shows physical activity at a young age has numerous positive benefits.

As such we will be offering a Spring, Youth Athlete Development Camp for ages 9-11.

This video is a sample of some of the things and more that we will be doing in the Youth Development Camp

Camp Details:

When: Monday’s April 4 through May 23rd

Time: 4:15-5:00PM

Cost: $104 for the 8 week camp

Location: Next Level Athletic Development. 960 Acorn Drive. Harrisonburg, VA 22802

For more information or to register contact Mike Martin at: or 540-421-0360