Sorry it’s been a bit since I’ve posted an Articles from Around the Net, but I do have some things that were worth the wait:  Two podcasts and a article jammed packed with great info.

The Pacey Performance Podcast with guest, Eric Cressey covered a lot of great information with regards to posture, movement qualities needed to be a high level baseball player and how to develop those qualities in baseball players.

Pacey Performance Podcast with guest, Eric Cressey

The Movement Fix podcast with Dr. Stuart McGill is one year old, but it’s outstanding.  Dr. McGill is known as the foremost spinal mechanics expert in terms of performance in North America.  He delves into several controversial topics including pain science, spinal flexion and does mechanical movement quality matter.  Give it a listen.

The Movement Fix Podcast with guest, Dr. Stuart McGill

The final piece is a blog post by my staff member, Bay Liskey.  We constantly preach to high school and college kids about nutrition and more often than not, about the neeed to gain weight.  Only to be met with the all too common reply, “I just can’t gain weight.”

Bay does a great job making weight gain, weight loss or weight maintenance simple.

Bay Liskey: simple way to gain, lose or maintain weight