I have a very good article and two short (around 30:00) podcasts for you this week.

Throwing Too Hard is Killing Baseball’s Best Pitchers: Michael Salfino and Andrew Beaton

This is well written article in the Wall Street Journal discussing the amount of really hard throwers in MLB and the lack of their ability (or desire) to dial the intensity down a bit during games and whether or not that is actually leading to a decrease in quality of pitching

Motus Show: Arm Injuries, Sports Science, and Player Development: Eric Cressey

Will Carroll does a great job as host of the Motus Show and he and Eric Cressey get pretty in depth into baseball player development, the rise in arm injuries and some other good stuff!

Motus Show: Episode 6 with Mike Reinold

Mike Reinold is physical therapist located just above Boston, MA and is the former athletic trainer of the Boston Red Sox, so he’s seen a lot in terms of baseball injuries and how to prevent them.  Another great discussion between he and Will Carroll