Here you go….

I love this article by Eric Cressey.  Yes it’s written for baseball players who have just been drafted,but just as easily applies to young high school athletes with big baseball dreams.

A Letter To This Year’s MLB Draft Picks: Eric Cressey

Doug Kechijian is a physical therapist and I think he does an excellent job in this article explaining that yes, manual therapy is not the end all/be all and certainly not justified in some cases.  However, there are instances where it can be a very effective treatment and does have a use, especially with athletes.

Manual Therapy: Neither Panacea Nor Gateway To Despair: Doug Kechijian

Every high school/collegiate baseball player faces a decision during the summer about should they play travel ball/summer ball or just train or just hang out and do nothing etc…the answer isn’t the same for everyone.

I know what you did last summer: Ron Wolforth