This week I have two articles and 1 video for you.

Active vs Passive Hip Extension: Eric Cressey

This is a an excellent 5:00 video from Eric Cressey detailing passive (available range of motion at a joint) vs active (actual amount of the passive range of motion that an athlete can access without compensation).  It’s crucial to evaluate athletes individually to determine the best course of action to take in their training progam

6 Steps for Writing Better Conditioning Program: Mike Robertson

Mike Robertson is my go to guy if I need information on appropriate sports conditioning.  The days of running for the sake of running and running kids into the ground for “conditioning,” are long gone.  Coaches that don’t apply some of the principles Mike outline’s in this article are doing their athletes a disservice and leaving some performance potential on the table.

Mets Injury Issues go far Beyond the Disabled List

This is an article written by Jerry Crasnick and I found it very informative.  In part because I’m a big Met’s fan and frustrated by their recent injuries, but also because it provides great insight into some of the disconnect within their sports science department and overall organization.