A couple great articles for you to read this week!

The New York Mets have always been my favorite baseball team, but have fallen on some significantly hard times this year, especially with the news of Noah Syndergaard’s lat tear.  Eric Cressey wrote an outstanding blog post looking at lat strains in baseball players and it speaks greatly to the importance of understanding the demands of baseball and the unique adaptations/posture that each baseball player presents with (no two are the same) as it relates to training them safely and effectively.

Pitching Injuries: Should Lat Strains even be happening. Eric Cressey

As Strength and Conditioning coaches we should always be learning and even more importantly learning the correct things from experts in our field, not just some random internet guru. Mike Robertson does an excellent job detailing his learning process in order to better help his athletes.

4 Steps to Deeper Learning. Mike Robertson

There are numerous misconceptions about what truly helps develop bat speed and hitting performance in terms of strength training.  Bay Liskey takes a deeper look into one of those misconceptions (grip and forearm training) in his blog.

The effects of small muscle training on baseball hitting performance: A brief Review. Bay Liskey