Here are a few things worth your time to read:

Tampa Bay’s Cult of the High Fastball. Travis Sawchick

This is an article written by Travis Sawchick of FanGraphs and provides unique insight into the Tamp Bay Rays organizational approach to use of the High Fastball with some of their pitchers.  It goes against the conventional approach, but it’s also a interesting concept to think about if you coach baseball pitchers and are looking to make the most of their individual talent.

Integration of Throwing and Strength. Sam Briend

Although written with the development of baseball pitchers in mind, the concepts here can be used when training athletes of any sport.  The biggest takeaway is how the guys at Driveline baseball classify novice, intermediate and advanced athletes and let that dictate whether they spend more time with those athletes building strength or work specifically on their sport, in this case pitching.  Bottom line; It’s hard to reach your potential if you’re working on sport specific skill all year round, but don’t have the strength foundation to support it.

Bay Liskey’s Blog

This is a blog sight created by my employee Bay Liskey.  Bay is a former outstanding baseball player and home run hitter turned power lifter and has a lot of good content in regards to training athletes, powerlifting and baseball/softball development.  Be sure to make his blog part of your usual reading list.